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Airstream Imports

Airstreams are constructed in Jackson Center Ohio. A 100% American product that has to travel a long distance to get to us in Europe. Importing an Airstream Travel Trailer is quite a hassle. It is not difficult to find one in the USA. Dealers, traders and internet platforms enough. There are Vintage Airstreams (for 1982), Used Airstreams (after 1982) and New Airstreams (present). The prices have risen considerably since the rise of the food trucks. As a rule, the older the trailer is, the more it is worth.


The only problem we are dealing with here is that it takes at least 8 hours of flying to be able to see what condition the trailer is in. Most specimens have been in a pasture for 30 years and can have poor wooden (!) Bottom plates and more hidden defects. You can not discover that on the internet – no matter how beautiful the photos are.


If you have found something beautiful, the trailer must be transported to the nearest port on the east coast. As a rule, to Jacksonville, Houston or Baltimore. That can be quite a tour in itself. A good copy can be drawn and there are enough professional ‘towing’ companies to be found. & Nbsp; On average you have lost one dollar per kilometer driven.


Once in the harbor you can have the trailer shipped to Zeebrugge or Amsterdam. That will take about 2.5 weeks after which your new purchase will be deposited on the quay. Count about $ 3,500 for the crossing. You still have to pay import duties and VAT to be able to transport the trailer to your own site. Note: he may only leave behind your 4 * 4 with a Dutch license plate. A little Airstream weighs at least 1800 kg – so sufficient traction of your car is not a luxury. A normal European passenger car (including SUVs) does not have enough horsepower in the house. That is (aside from the price) of course also the reason that you see so little here.


Before you can put the trailer on license plate it will have to be adjusted. The lighting will have to be re-installed according to European standards and an approved towbar coupling must be fitted. Furthermore, often new tires, shock absorbers and braking system before the trailer for inspection at the RDW can be notified.


An Airstream is equipped with all conveniences as standard. Air conditioning, microwave, bathroom, heating … it’s all there. Only in The States they use 110V current. You have to take that into account and realize that a 110V airco can not run on 220V.


Now you are ready to restore your copy. Polishing, adjusting the interior and replacing defective items. If you add up all items, including your trip to The States, you have spent at least 27,500, – on average for a good copy. Of course without restoration costs and replacement of parts.


Do you want to purchase an Airstream yourself but do not want to have all the hassle? We are happy to be of service and deliver your trailer completely according to your specifications. We have contacts in the States that track and inspect trailers

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