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The Original American Airstream

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An original Airstream is the American version obviously. Built on a rigid welded chassis which is specially made for the semi self-supporting construction. American Airstreams have an eccentrically placed axle which ensures a somewhat higher ball pressure. That is the USA common for the slacked cars. Furthermore, the Airstreams use an electric brake system and another ball coupling.

American Airstreams are standard equipped with a lot of options where the EU versions are offered basic. We convert the original Airstream with a specially built in EU brake controller. We adjust the external lighting and the ball coupling. For the ultimate Airstream experience, choose the original.

Import stappenplan A

  • Documenten klaarmaken (title, factuur, verscheping)
  • Transport naar Westkust haven (RoRo)
  • Havenformaliteiten en opslag
  • Verscheping naar Europa
  • Douane Europa
  • BTW Europa
Import stappenplan B

  • Transport naar ombouwlocatie
  • Conversie as, elektra en dissel naar EU norm
  • Opmaken remdocumenten en keuring TTV
  • Keuring individueel bij RDW keurstation met IGC certificaat
  • Kenteken afgifte
  • Gaskeuring bij buitenlandse klanten

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