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Vintage Airstream USA

Everything build prior to 1982 is called a Vintage Airstream. The external appearance has not changed since than.  Every model era has got it’s own characteristics.

New Airstream US & EU

New Airstreams are still being build today. The classic Airstream shell is produced in various sizes and interior designs. Airstream also produces campervans, Basecamps and Nest trailers.

Airstream Rentals

The Airstream design attracts a lot of people. Frequently used for promotions, roadshows and foodtrucks. Our rental company American Way has a large collection of Airstreams you can hire.

Airstream Brake Systems

Airstreams come with an electronic braking system. For Europe 3 models are made with surge brakes. We sell European style brake controllers to make things works over here.

Airstream Imports

Do you want to import an Airstream to Europe and are looking for help? We import Airstreams since 1999. The works ; from the US transports to shipping, customs and EU conversions.

Airstream Restauration & TLC

If you bought an Airstream collectors item you probably want to give it some TLC. We can help you with new interior metal, furniture and appliances. European compliance is our core.

Aluminum Fever

Airstream is the flagship company and a brand of the largest RV company in the world: Thor Industries. Airstreams iconic design with aluminium and rivers are called Aircraft Style Trailers. Airstream is not the only one building these. Owning an Aircraft style trailer is an addictive experience. That is why this is called Aluminum Fever!

There are several other manufacturers that build aircraft style structures. But Airstream is by far the biggest and best known for. In The Netherlands we know the FunTear brand.  In Canada & US the original Bowlus Road Chief is in production. Silverstreak also came back alive. Other well-known names are Curtis Wright, Avion, Boles Aero, Spartan and Streamliner.

What makes an Airstream different? The first thing that strikes is the stretch panelled iconic design with all aluminium skin and a lot of rivets. An Airstream is a semi-monocoque structure that is fully handbuild in aprox 350 hours. That is why the price of an Airstream is way different than a white box brand.

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Airstream is building a brandnew factory in Jackson center after enlarging the current factory in 2016. The new factory will also house a museum and will be in operation in 2019.