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we import Airstreams to Europe since 1999

How to import an Airstream to Europe

Airstreams are manufactured in the USA. Since 1953 located in Jackson Center Ohio where in 2019 a brand new factory building has been built. Each Airstream comming to Europe must cover a mere 7500 km distance before arriving at the destination. Airstreams are usually too big for a container and are shipped RoRo from Baltimore. Usually to Zeebrugge, Amsterdam, Liverpool or Bremerhafen.

For the entire import cycle, it does not matter whether you are hauling a Vintage Airstream, a new Airstream (US or EU) or a young used one here. Usually it takes a period of 8-10 weeks to import to Europe.

Import steps A

  • Document handling (title, invoice, shipping)
  • Transport naar Westcoast port (RoRo)
  • Port formalities and storage
  • Shipping to Europe
  • Customs Europe
  • VAT Europe

Import steps B

  • Transport to workshop
  • Axle conversion, elektrics and hitch coupler to EU standards
  • EU Brake certificate procedure
  • Inspection at RDW with IGC approval certificate
  • License or export license to other EU countries
  • Approval of propane installation

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