Airstream Overlander 1973

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The Airstream Overlander from 1973 is our first Airstream. This caravan has a special place in our rental range because of it’s origin This caravan is mainly known in the Netherlands from the TV hit All You Need is Love with Robert ten Brink. The airstream is still in an excellent state. The trailer has EU approved axles and can be transported with any towing vehicle (max weight up to 3500 kg). The skin is mirror shine polished all the way. This airstream is used for promotional campaigns by Microsoft, Sports Week, KPN and 20th Century Fox, and of course the TV program: All You Need is Love. The Overlander is of the type with 3 stretched top panels and the characteristic rounded windows that characterize the models since 1969 (until today). The caravan can be signed with all your promotion stickers,

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– Airstream Overlander ’27
– Bouwjaar 1973
– VIN# 127D4J1479
– Kenteken: WV-81-HV
– Import Nederland 1996 vanuit Ontario Canada
– Kentekenafgifte 1998
– Lengte ’27 – 8.10 meter
– Hoogte 9,5 FT – 3 meter
– Breedte 8 FT – 2.40 meter
– Gewicht: 2200 kg
– Kogeldruk 150 kg bij juiste belading
– Kogeltypes EU
– Assen – EU teruglooprem
– Interieur 100% origineel – aangepast 2008
– Rondzit op kopse kant
– Trekwagen beschikbaar


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